Luga’s Basement: Slated to open Saturday at 6 PM

Luga’s Villa is slated to open a sports bar this Saturday in the downstairs space formerly known as Boutique Wine Cellar. The new venue will include a long bar, five TV screens, and a pool table; the deck that leads to its entrance has been refurbished.

The opening will feature a screening of what I am told is a key football match between Manchester United and Chelsea at 7:45 PM (the commentary will be on), followed by Arsenal and Wolverhampton at 10 PM, and Poopingham and Chesterfield United at midnight <– OK, I made up those last two; I really have nothing against football, I’m just bitter we don’t see more North American sports in this city.

The deals include a Beijing draft and a hot dog for RMB30 and a two-for-one deal on Bombadier at RMB45.

3 thoughts on “Luga’s Basement: Slated to open Saturday at 6 PM”

  1. I dont want to be a party pooper or anything but I think Luga has scored an own goal with that opening party of his- none of the games start at Beer O’Clock.

  2. hey all,

    just a quick note on the basement watch party, it’s not the official open just yet, we need to finish a few things still, but i want to watch the match with the commentary so i’m opening on saturday.

    the official open will come in a few weeks in the form of a big party with some free beer etc.

    on the note of beer o’clock- we we’re going to stop that at the end of this month, however, now i’m just going to change the time, it’ll run from 5pm-6pm instead. this should help all you guys who have jobs to finish and make it over for the 5 quai pints. (plus it’s killing me to start drinking at 4pm everyday)

    Lee (lugas token white guy)

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