Olympic hockey: Schedule of medal round games at Irish Volunteer

Update: The Goose and Duck (map) will also show the Canada-US Olympic gold medal hockey game tonight / this morning at 4 AM, says a staff member there. I couldn’t really understand what The Den was telling me over the phone, but it sounded like they would show a replay of the game later in the morning. I am still waiting to hear if Paddy O’Shea’s will show the game. And for those who would rather stay home, T-Metz reports that CCTV will be showing the game live. <– Trying to double-confirm this. <– Very unclear if CCTV5 is showing part or all of the game, or highlights, given its program listings. Best bet is to head to the Irish Volunteer or Goose and Duck.


Olympic hockey fans: Good times at The Irish Volunteer (map) today with all four men’s quarterfinal hockey games, though the various slingbox feeds meant French commentary at some times, English commentary at others. There were about 30 people for the Canada-Russia game, most of them hailing from The Great White North and thus happy with the 7-3 score that prevented the entire nation from having to go into therapy. Clear signal, good vibe, breakfast for RMB35. Here are upcoming games that will be shown (I’ll add any updates to this post).

Women’s gold medal game
Canada-United States, Friday, 7:30 AM

Men’s semifinal game
Canada-Slovakia, Saturday, 10:30 AM

Men’s gold medal game
Teams to be determined, Monday, 4 AM

Yo ho ho: More rum choice than ever in Beijing

While the growing choice of single malts, vodkas, and gins is evident in Beijing, it is also interesting to see more rum brandsIchikura and Q Bar are among those with modest but decent selections. Two other rums recently spotted:

Moleca, which is carried by wine importer and distributor East Meets West. Yes, I know this is cachaca, but I am including it here anyway.

Tonga Island Rum, at Q Bar and Fubar, among other spots. This is pricey stuff and, in a quick taste test at Fubar, I thought the Havana 3-year-old rum tasted better. Nice bottle, though, which is not surprising since it comes from Branded Spirits, the same company behind Ice Fox vodka, Corralego tequila, Hana gin (so perfumed you might want to dab some behind your ears), and other alcohols popping up around town.

Mexican madness: Margaritas, fajitas half-price at Saddle Cantina tonight

It’s margarita madness every Monday at the Saddle Cantina, with a handful of flavors–lime, strawberry, mango, and more–at half-price. The same deal applies to the fajitas.

If you haven’t tried it yet, the “Mexican pizza”, created by chef Luis and recommended by manager Gordon, is a decent Tex-Mex option at RMB45–try it with the Chipotle sauce.

Look for Saddle Cantina to soon launch a RMB33 lunch special.

Olympic hockey: Canada vs US tomorrow at Paddy O’Shea’s, Irish Volunteer

Just a quick note that Paddy O’Shea’s will show the Canada-United States hockey game tomorrow morning. The puck drops at 8:40 AM. Proprietor Karl “Who’s Your Paddy?” Long says the doors will open at 8 AM and breakfast will be available after 9 AM. The Irish Volunteer will also be showing the game, with the doors open at 8 AM, according to an SMS from co-owner George “Hat Trick” Smith.

Union of the shake: New cocktails, bar snacks coming

Union of the shake: Ready-to-mix cocktails

Remember about a year ago when you could go Union Bar & Grille for brunch and plop down at your favorite table for a few hours of nibbling eggs Benedict and guzzling bottomless iced tea? These days, you are lucky to get your favorite table, or sometimes any table, the most recent example being last night when all of them were occupied. The consistently tasty food (I’m a big fan of the chicken wings and Reuben sandwich), new TV system (about 70 people plunked down RMB120 for breakfast during the Super Bowl alone), happy hour (you won’t find a cheaper pint of Guinness than the RMB25 one here), and cozy atmosphere have made this place increasingly busy, though the service still needs some work.

In any case, look for a few new additions. The southern fried chicken special will return in March, says chef Zach Lewison. That month will also see the launch of a new bar snacks menu, including several kinds of pizza and a huge nachos platter. And bar man Andy Bright is already working on some signature cocktails for when the weather gets warmer — all of them will be layered. “You mix them together for the perfect union,” he says.