Sips and bites: Budapest, Nasca Cafe, Block 8, Steaks & Eggs, Pink Loft


Passing along a quick note from 8 Songs that trouble seems to be, um, brewing at Nasca Cafe in Central Park between some of the stakeholders. He adds that the signboard that said “Nasca Cafe” is now missing the first word. I enjoyed my only visit there, including a talk with the Kiwi manager, so let’s hope a fair solution arises.

I also noted the darkened windows at Hungarian restaurant Budapest–formerly Norwegian restaurant 66 North–and it looks like the goulash is gone. Andy S at Mobile Native notes that the Budapest Web site states rather revealingly, “We are working on that the restaurant would run under Hungarian management again.” He also adds that the “for rent” signs are already up at the Pili Pili, which only recently reopened there in Lido.

A visit to Block 8 last weekend found a guard blocking the elevator and directing patrons to a side entrance. He said only Haiku remains open among the venues that included Ruby Khi and Med. The comedy events organized by Chopschticks have been moved from Block 8 to the Hard Rock Cafe.

Last but not least, for those who wondered if Steaks and Eggs had gone to the great griddle in the sky, Doctor O and BeijingDaze inform that the place is simply under (long overdue) renovations. Meanwhile, the Pink Loft, which moved into the old Browns / Revelations space less than a year ago is currently closed though a source there says it will reopen after the Spring Festival.

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