Le Zazou opening: Good start, but 5 things that could be better

I described here some things that impressed me about Zazou during a pre-opening visit yesterday afternoon. Last night, I saw the place in action and, in addition to liking the decor, I enjoyed zipping between the relaxed live music / lounge area and the peppier club part, which had a bit of the original China Doll feel (not the look, but the crowd, the bar, et al). But there were a few opening night jitters, most of which would be easy enough to fix. Here are five:

1. The place advertised free vodka cocktails until midnight. I ordered a vodka cranberry: free. A vodka martini: not free. A vodka orange juice: free. A vodka tonic: not free. OK, I can see why a martini might not count, but a vodka tonic? Solution: Provide a list of drinks that are free. By the way, the pours were generous. By the way II, a foot rail and coat hooks beneath the bar would be a good idea.

2. Sitting at the bar in the club was like being in a rugby scrum. Staff bringing orders to the bar squeezed roughly between patrons, bumped them from behind, stuck hands in their faces as they waived bills and shouted orders to the bartenders, etc. The bar staff itself was efficient, though they hail from the land of the free pour, but the floor staff had all the subtlety of subway riders during rush hour. Solution: Create a two-meter space at the bar where the staff can deliver the orders and thus leave the patrons in peace.

3. The sink in the men’s toilet is beside – uncomfortably so – a urinal. Gross. Solution: Erect a barrier between the two.

4. The three dozen candles in the club looked pretty. Unfortunately, drunk patrons and pretty candles usually don’t go together. Solution: Provide patrons with individual mini fire extinguishers.

5. The place has been emphasizing a French angle, but all four wines by the glass were Australian. Solution: Get some French wines.

As mentioned, these are all things that can be easily fixed. Overall, good times at Le Zazou and I plan to be back soon. For those thinking about visiting tonight, the free drinks are at the Absolut bar between 8 PM and midnight, and The Verse is playing in the lounge.

One thought on “Le Zazou opening: Good start, but 5 things that could be better”

  1. Hey I milked that small window of Free Absolut drinks for all it was worth.

    At least one member of management was going around asking people what they thought and how their night was going.

    I would also suggest Zazou investing in some brooms. I was entertained for quite some time observing as a “service person” was kicking cigarette butts with his foot into a corner one by one. Chinese efficiency at its best.

    I’d go back

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