Lantern: Electronic music mavens Acupunture to open own club

Hen hao, Miao!


Acupunture, which has established a strong following the past two years with its lineup of DJs , massive events, and digital and CD compilations, is set to own and operate its own club – Lantern.


The club will be in B1 of the 3.3 building in Sanlitun and is slated for a January 8 and 9 weekend launch. Acupunture co-founder Miao Wong says the place can fit about 500 people and will be open Tuesdays to Sundays from 9 PM. While Acupuncture had looked at opening in the Workers Stadium area, Lantern might work out better in Sanlitun given its proximity to the area’s many bars and to fellow clubs such as White Rabbit and Punk.

2 thoughts on “Lantern: Electronic music mavens Acupunture to open own club”

  1. Great news. Interesting to see how the competition is gonna be between these guys and the re opened White Rabbit. Hopefully it is just gonna imply better music and more good choices in Sanlitun than ever before. Wonder if there is room for two big clubs with techy profiles within so short proximity though.

  2. Oh, there’s definitely room for the two. Competition breeds innovation.

    The Lantern press release promises “DJ and VJ workshops and open decks sessions for newbies” and goes on to describe how the Acupuncture crew seeks to establish “a core multi-media arts and culture center, transforming the club into a laboratory of sound study and experimentation by day.”

    Good stuff.

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