Switching lines: Bye bye Club Sandwich, hello Tube Station

Look for the old Club Sandwich (map) spot to rejoin the city’s food and beverage scene on September 17 as Tube Station, backed by the man best known about town for pizza, Kro. The menu will include:

  • Starters, such as vegetarian spring rolls (RMB20) and the intriguing “beef and peaches“, which includes air-dried beef, peaches, balsamic vinegrette, and chrysanthemum leaves (RMB20).
  • Salads, such as Greek pasta (RMB35), which I will have to test out on Sneaky Pete, and watermelon and watercress (RMB28).
  • Sandwiches and panini, from Philly cheese steak (RMB39) to “Birkenstock“, for those seeking a healthy option (RMB48).
  • Pizza, including Milano Salami (RMB36) and – watch out Michelin-star chefs – Himalayan black truffle pies.

Smoothies and juices will set you back RMB25.

(Hat tip to PJ.)

One thought on “Switching lines: Bye bye Club Sandwich, hello Tube Station”

  1. Last tenant didn’t get traction with the two big laowai residential compounds beside it, its tough to find for anyone who doesn’t live nearby. I’d stick flyers all over seasons park and sun city and be kid friendly. Hopefully Mr Pizza will stick around to make sure the service doesn’t go pear shaped (pun intended) like at Gongti

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