Enoteca wine bar: Now (finally) with beer and 50% off food

File: Better late than never?

Let’s say you have a group of six colleagues in Central Park who want to go out for after-work drinks. And that four of them want wine and two want beer. Until now, that meant skipping Enoteca (map) in The Place.

For some reason, and despite suggestions, Enoteca has steadfastly refused to add even a single beer to its menu, thus losing business from not only those two beer fans above but also their four wine-drinking co-workers Until now. New manager Tomas Hladnik, formerly the rep for Strait vodka, says Stella will be available from Monday.

Even better, during August, Enoteca is offering a 50 percent discount on all food, including tapas, pastas, and a new selection of sandwiches and salads.

Enoteca is a cozy enough, with sofa and bar seating, and the range of wines – most imported by the owners – is decent, though it can be hit and miss. Perhaps the addition of this food special and beer option will finally bring in the traffic hoped for since the opening.

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One thought on “Enoteca wine bar: Now (finally) with beer and 50% off food”

  1. a step forward, sure. and you can certainly do worse (much worse) than stella. but beer gets short shrift again. there are so many more flavorful and/or complex beers that are available in beijing to fill the void (including other options from the very same distributors of stella in china). perhaps the owners or managers honestly thought that stella was a “fancy” beer, given how the UK advertisements have convinced people about how “reassuringly expensive” it is.

    ok, fine, it’s a wine bar. and for the record, even as a beer lover, i’m fine with sticking to wine for the night – esp. if it’s good, which it sounds like enoteca does strive for. so perhaps it will allow this stubborn “beer fan” you posit to mingle with his/her wine-loving friends. and potentially even open the person up to new tastes and sensations. tho to be honest, it sounds to me more like this supposed “beer fan” is simply just a close-minded “wine hater” – i’m a fan of beer, but will almost never turn down a good wine, spirit, or cocktail… if not absurdly priced, of course.

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