Sips & bites: AC Milan in Solana, The Apartment, Banana Leaf, Union, and more


In Solana (map), the newest branch of Banana Leaf has had at least a kick-off party – I will pop out there soon to see if the place is fully up and running. And in what would fit neatly into the file, “I didn’t see that one coming,” word has is that Italian football brand AC Milan is likely to take over Tsingtao Beer Garden. (Hat tip to The French .) Speaking of Solana, has anyone tried La Pizza? I am hearing good things about this place. And speaking of football, two Italian teams will be in town in early August to play in the Bird’s Nest. See this post for related food deals, and ticket and jersey giveaways, at Piazza Italia (map).

The Apartment, a bar converted to provide the feel of an apartment, complete with kitchen, living room, deck, and lounge, is taking shape. The idea is to start off with several dozen “founding members“, each of whom can invite guests, each of whom can later be voted in by the current members. More details on this soon…

Meanwhile, word is the food and beverage empire Lugatopia will add another world cuisine to its reaches by opening a Thai spot above Luga’s Villa (map).

Union Bar & Grille (map) is offering a bar snacks menu from today at 4 PM (see photo above). It includes mozzarella sticks, pale ale battered onion rings with creamy horseradish sauce, homemade nachos with avocado, black beans, beef,  and more, and, my favorite, a spinach and artichoke dip served in a “bread bowl” (you scoop the dip out with pieces of baguette and then eat the bowl for good measure). Union is also planning a weekly all-you-can-eat southern fried chicken buffet with mashed potatoes, gravy, biscuits, and corn on the cob. Also of note: pints of Guinness draft are two for RMB50 during happy hour, daily from 5 PM to 8 PM. This place is rapidly improving from its toaster-gate and coffee-gate days.

3 thoughts on “Sips & bites: AC Milan in Solana, The Apartment, Banana Leaf, Union, and more”

  1. Looks like Union is making the American menu all its own in Beijing. The chef there Zach is nos def destined for greater things..

  2. @ DJ Chunky,

    Agreed. The food at Union is top-notch, though the bar specials and service need some work. Still, I can overlook that as long as they keep those Eggs benedict consistent.

    Cheers, boyce

  3. I’ve yet to see someone (including Italians) disappointed by La Pizza . It’s definitely the new best pizza in town. too bad it’s in Solana.

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