Cry until you laugh? The Onion: China edition

Spoof publication The Onion has done a China edition and while it really doesn’t have much to do with the focus of this blog I thought I’d pass it along (hat tip to The Beijing Gourmand for the heads up). Some of the headlines:

They missed a couple of spoof stories, such as, “Citizens line up at subway stops,” “Taxi driver buys toothbrush,” “Beijing expects to record 366 blue-sky days in 2009,” and  “Fuwa sex-tape scandal spreads to 2020 Expo mascot.” All in good fun, of course, all in good fun…

One thought on “Cry until you laugh? The Onion: China edition”

  1. I am glued to my computer eagerly anticipating to see what happens when the fen qing get ahold of this. This is going to be even more hilarious than the issue itself.

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