Sips and bites: Swensen’s (ex-Mare), Yadgar, Alfa, 2F

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Twas a sad day when Mare, my favorite tapas spot in downtown Beijing, closed for good, though the owners had the foresight to open a branch of the place – OLAS – on the west side of Sanlitun Village. Now, that spot is set to relaunch… as Svensen’s and Prima Taste Kitchen. The place had an invite-only party last night but should soon be open to the public (hat tip to ksquare).

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Pakistan restaurant Yadgar, around the corner from Luga’s, relaunched last week – complete with a garden full of flower displays – after completing renovations.

beijing boyce bars blog alfa new deck

Look for Alfa to soon introduce a new food menu. This place has long had some of the best late night food in Beijing. It also recently renovated the covered patio out front by adding a lighter and more-streamlined decor as well as elevated areas that allow patrons to dangle their toes in the water.

Finally, 2F is quietly making a name for itself at the back of Tongli Studio. Numerous readers have mentioned this place to me of late and, indeed, it does offer decent drinks, a friendly owner, and a comfy atmosphere.

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  1. when they put the sign up for the first week the names were round the other way so the prima kitchen name was on the left, At least that’s how i remember it anyway, it was late but not a trivia night tho.

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