Hospitality Night 2.0: Changes at JW Marriott’s Wednesday event

Expect a few changes when the JW Marriott relaunches its weekly “hospitality night” at Loong Bar of June 24. The Wednesday night event, from 9 PM to midnight, targets people in the food and beverage, restaurant and bar, wine, hotel, and other related businesses. The entry fee will be RMB150, an increase of RMB50, but rather than include two drinks it will now feature free-flow select cocktails, beers, and Protocola Wines from Spain, as well as appetizers and a live jazz band.

One thought on “Hospitality Night 2.0: Changes at JW Marriott’s Wednesday event”

  1. Is it still going to be weekly? I’m pretty sure that’s what killed it last time. Besides you, Boyce, I don’t know that many other people that have the time to drink free flow booze and network every single Wednesday. I don’t want to trek out to Dawanglu again and pay 150RMB only to discover there isn’t really any networking to be had.

    They should make it monthly and focus on quality not quantity.

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