Hard to find spots II: Er, Cafe de la Poste, Amilal, and more

I am regularly asked about how to find a particular bar or restaurant. (Note: I prefer such calls before midnight on weekdays.) Here are some of the most frequent requests, with pop-up maps to help you find each place and with links to previous posts about it. The date after each listing indicates when I posted or updated it here.


Where is Er?

Sibling establishment of Ichikura, Er offers the city’s best Bourbon selection (more than 20 kinds) bar none, room for about 20 patrons (either at the bar or at tables), and decent snacks, though the shared toilet across the lobby is a bit dodgy. It recently added a second floor that focuses on wine, beer, and sake. You can find er here. (See more posts about Er.) (05/19/09)


Where is Café de la Poste?

Offering tasty steaks, a decent wine list, an earthy feel, and good ambiance, you can find this place here. (05/19/09)


Where is Lugar?

Yet another home to a significant single malt collection, this place also offers signature cocktails as well as a range of salads, sandwiches, and pastas, and a rooftop deck overlooking some hutongs. Lugar – also known as e.a.t. – is here. (See more posts about Lugar.) (05/19/09)


Where is Tun?

Despite its thriving Tuesday open mic night and an insanely crowded Friday ladies night, to go along with its cheap drinks and Beijing-inspired decor (think hutongs and The Great Wall), people still ask me where it is. Right here. (See more posts about Tun.) (05/19/09)


Where is Amilal?

Located in a sidestreet near Nanluoguxiang, this is a cozy spot with seating in the small courtyard or  on the mishmash of chairs and sofas inside. The drinks range from a dozen single malts, each at RMB50 per pour, to Harbin and Tsingtao beers at RMB15. I don’t have a popup map yet, but if you are exiting the “Fish Nation” end of NLGX, hang a right, pass by MAO Livehouse and Pool Bar, and you will Amilal down a sidestreet on the right . (05/06/02)

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  1. More of this please, Boyce. Some days it seems I’ve been in Beijing forever, and yet there’s two above I couldn’t have found if my life depended on it. More, more!

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