Tracksuit optional: City Weekend seeks full-time editor

Even though he once critically asked if I acquired my wardrobe by raiding my dad’s closet, all while he himself wore  a getup that resembled a middle school student’s tracksuit,  I will nevertheless pass on this info from Lee Mack of City Weekend, which is seeking a full-time editor for the community and the sports and fitness sections of the magazine.  Mack writes that City Weekend seeks a native English speaker with a university degree, Chinese language skills, and some writing and editing experience. (The successful candidate will also need to periodically pose for those geeky photos included on the editorial page each issue). The monthly salary is RMB10,000 and the package includes health insurance and support for a Z visa. To apply for the job, send your resume and writing samples to by May 31.

4 thoughts on “Tracksuit optional: City Weekend seeks full-time editor”

  1. The wardrobe remark was genius! BTW, if tracksuit is needed, make sure they look like those on the huge screen on the Village. Nothing screams Beijing more than that.

  2. @ Kevin,

    Those track-suited teenagers Sanlitun Village is forever showing on the big screen – that is exactly the image that comes to mind. But to be fair, Mack had a much more stylish look. More metro-sexual middle school tracksuit.

    Cheers, Jim

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