First hockey, now curling? With Shanghai dumplings to boot…

beijing-boyce-shanghai-dumplings-curling-men-with-broomsI popped into Shanghai Dumpings & Noodles, just around the corner from Apertivio, with NC last night for a bite to eat. The chicken, mushroom, and rice combo was tasty except, well, there were no mushrooms and RMB18 is a bit pricey for such basic fare. We also ordered two trays of dumplings – pork (RMB16) and shrimp (RMB21). While the fillings were OK, the wraps were too dry and hung in my stomach like half-cooked French fries. As for drinks, a Coke runs RMB5, while Tsingtao is RMB10. On the value scale, it didn’t quite cut it, given that a burrito and soda at Side Saddle is RMB50 or a sandwich and soda at Le Petit Gourmand is RMB47 and up.

What made the place memorable is that its lone TV showed… curling. Yes, that fast-paced sport where a player – between smoke breaks – throws “rocks” down a sheet of ice, while his or her teammates “sweep” with brooms, all an attempt to get their marker closest to the bull’s eye.

First hockey at Goose and Duck, and now curling (Sweden versus Canada) at Shanghai Dumplings and Noodles. It’s enough to warm a Canadian’s heart…

5 thoughts on “First hockey, now curling? With Shanghai dumplings to boot…”

  1. Will beat me to it. The Chinese Women’s team just won the National Curling Championships

  2. Shocking. I saw the Canada/China game on CCTV and it wasn’t pretty. Apparently I should have been paying more attention.

    Is there anywhere to curl in Beijing?

  3. The Chinese team trains in Canada.

    In the aftermath of the Chinese curling victory, if there’s not a curling rink yet, I’m sure there will be one soon.

    No doubt Chinese parents will demand one be built so curling could be added to their son/daughter’s extra-curriculurs – sandwiched right between piano lessons and cram school.

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