Coming tomorrow: Pop up maps, addresses to your phone for free, and more

beijing-boyce-old-mapReaders regularly ask: Why don’t you make it easier to find the bars you write about?

Thanks to Mobile Native, I am about to do that. With future postings, you  will be able to click the name of a bar and get an embedded pop-up map of its location. Even better, using the buttons on the map, you can can:

- Click to get the bar’s address sent in English or Chinese to your mobile phone – for free.

- Click to see nearby venues.

- Click to get a satellite map.

On top of this, you can click the map and use your mouse pad to “move” north, south, east, and west to see what is in the surrounding area. The map also has a zoom function.

The first post to use this function will feature the top five watering holes of Mobile Native’s  Ellis Rahhal and Andrew Schorr.

4 thoughts on “Coming tomorrow: Pop up maps, addresses to your phone for free, and more”

  1. alternately, you could use other time-honored cartographic traditions…for example, you could simply follow the tumbling tumbleweeds to Bling/ALL-Star

  2. pretty cool… I’m using mobile native all the time, when Im on the road. (it’s like guanxi, but frrreeeee, and better, cause they offer an actual description of how to find the place, not just an address)

    is it possible for anyone to add this kind of popup map feature on their website? (it would be cool, because a lot of bloggers are mentioning places scatered around town)

  3. Congrats to Beijing Boyce for this feature. Wish I’d known about it when I was in Beijing February. This Mobile Native sounds great. Wish we have it in Toronto.

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