Value deals: RMB1 wings, RMB12 Guinness, RMB15 Coopers

D-Bar in the Renaissance Beijing Capital Hotel is featuring RMB12 bottles of Guiness, Corona, and Carlsberg at the moment. The Beijinger will hold a party there this Friday, from 7:30 to 11 PM, to make a dent in the stock. D-Bar is near Fulicheng (61 Dongsanhuan Middle Road / 中国北京市东三环中路61号 邮编).

The Rickshaw is holding 10 Mao Wing Mondays. Here’s a chance to exchange your coins and small notes for something tasty (I’m partial to the medium sauce). The Rickshaw also continues with its Lord of the Wings competition.

Finally, for Aussies looking for a cozy spot to celebrate the one-month anniversary of their national day, Nanluguoxiang bar 12sqm will have RMB15 Coopers today from 5 PM to midnight.

2 thoughts on “Value deals: RMB1 wings, RMB12 Guinness, RMB15 Coopers”

  1. [From Sam]

    Once again, another Beijing bar promotion backfires. Went to D-Bar on Friday based on the RMB12 promotion. Given we got there pretty late, but we were told they were all out of the RMB12 beer. Ordered a Qingdao and a Heineken and it came to RMB86. Great! Make a trip for a place looking for a little value and leave with a bad “bait and switch” feeling in my mouth. I won’t be going back to that place.

    I wonder how many RMB12 beers they had? Anyone know what time they ran out?


  2. @ Sam,

    According to the organizer, D-Bar ran out of the beers they were offering at special prices around 10 PM, and then starting charging regular prices.

    Cheers, Jim

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