Monday walk about: Let’s Burger, Saddle, LPG, Burger King

A few notes from last night’s walk about…

Let’s Burger: I found the patty tasty, but the cheeseburger as a whole too sloppy. And why automatically include the homemade sauce given there is a self-serve table with a dozen different options? The last two bites of the burger tasted like salad topped with 1000 Islands. The staff is friendly, but a bit too much in that “I wonder if they’re on speed” kind of way. By the way, eating companion Mr. Brau said of his burger, onion ring, and Diet Coke meal: “The burger is OK, but extra mushy. The onion rings were nice, but the portion is a bit skimpy. Let’s say I’ve had better 100-kuai meals.”

The Saddle Cantina: Dropped in for a drink and by the time I left at 8 PM not a table was empty. There is also a new Hoegaarden deal on Wednesday: buy one pint, get a second pint, plus chips and salsa, for free.

Le Petit Gourmand: This place continues to be my top wireless stop. Good signal, comfy chairs, cheap drinks (RMB12 for a soda, RMB15 and up for coffee), and tasty food (a sandwich with sides of fries and salad hits the spot for ~RMB40).

Burger King: ksquare reports that the branch at Terminal 3 is temporarily closed due to a fire in the kitchen. I guess everyone got theirs well-done on that particular order.

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  1. The sloppiness of the burgers at Let’s Burger has always bothered me. When I bite into a burger, I don’t want juice gushing out! Honestly, I don’t see why people rave over this place…

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