Out and about: Face, Bar Blu, Kokomo

Quick notes on quick stops last night…

Face: I attended the going away party for Jenn Hinkle, who is one of my drinking buddies at the Friday night wine tastings and who will go “dry” for the upcoming year she will spend in Iraq. Of course, I gave her an entirely impractical gift: a corkscrew. Anyway, given the rather crisp night, the warm atmosphere of Face – dark woods, comfy sofas, an intimate bar – appealed, though the service charge does not. By the way, has this place always had two pool tables?

Bar Blu: I recently met one of the managers and dropped by for a talk, but someone we missed each other, so I will have a fuller write-up later. On this night, the place drew a good crowd on the main floor, with about a dozen people dancing and the rest putting back drinks. The covered deck upstairs has changed since my last visit and now offers soft lighting, sofas, a long stainless steel bar, and some table seating – overall, a “chill out” feel. One small point: When I ordered a Coke, the waiter (not exactly the most friendly sort) headed downstairs and five minutes later brought up an already poured glass. Maybe it’s just me, but when I am sitting at a bar, I want to see my drinks mixed, juices poured, and Cokes opened. By the way, Bar Blu is offering value-friendly food and beer combos, and I’ll have more on these soon.

Kokomo: A smattering of patrons at a place that, to me, will always be associated with Olympic fun. Kokomo now stocks Pommery Champagne, which is being distributed by COFCO, a massive Chinese corporation set to make waves in imported wine distribution. I also got the inside scoop on the upcoming new world order, as an English gent explained to me his plans to reestablish The Empire (well, as soon as he regains enough coordination to stop knocking his scarf off the chair).

Finally, a walk around Gongti and Sanlitun North found the streets near empty and the bars lightly populated – am I the only one who finds this weather refreshing?

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  1. Totally agree: bringing drinks “pre-poured” is actually “anti-service”.

    The only possible response is “please take it back, and bring the replacement unopened, thanks.”

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