New on Lucky Street: The Stumble Inn

Lucky Bar Street sports joint Sangria will soon reopen as… The Stumble Inn. Former Paddy O’Shea’s manager Glenn Phelan is consulting on the project and says patrons can expect a blend of a sports bar and a place to simply hang out with your mates, with opium den-style beds as well as TVs, dart boards, and pool and foosball tables. The opening is slated for January 16.

Look for The Stumble Inn to attract the White Rabbit crowd for pre-boogie drinks. And a shout out to another venue on that strip, Nashville, which continues to draw crowds and offers a very nice single malt collection.

2 thoughts on “New on Lucky Street: The Stumble Inn”

  1. “Former Paddy O’Shea’s manager Glenn Phelan?” Did something happy to Paddy O’Shea’s?

  2. Hi courtney,
    No Paddy’s is still there although I am no longer involved it is still going strong. I am working on a number of new projects with The Stumble Inn being the first one.

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