Ladies week: Seven nights of free drinks in Beijing

Question: Is it possible for women to drink free every night this week?

Answer: Yes.

Though “ladies nights” are typically a mid-week phenomenon in Beijing, the highly competitive post-Olympic bar and club scene is seeing them pop up even on Fridays and Saturdays. This makes it possible for the fairer sex to enjoy free beverages every day this week, though it might require one or more of the following: wearing a “sexy skirt”, dressing like a bunny, belting out a few love songs, and/or coughing up a minor entry fee.

Here is the prospective lineup:

TUN: Free cocktails from 8-11 PM (free Tsingtao for men, 8-8:30)

Kro’s Nest: First keg of beer free at 6 PM (applies for men)
Frank’s Place: First cocktail free for ladies in “The Cave” wine bar.

Suzie Wong, Zeta, Block 8, China Doll 3.3, and (if you dress like a bunny) Bling: Free drinks

Song: Free drinks

TUN: Free cocktails from 9 PM-midnight

Zeta: “Free bubbly to all ladies in sexy skirts”

Lush: Perform for 15 minutes at “open mic” night and get a free beer (though there is a RMB10 entry fee).

Even in these hard times, it is still possible to get free hard liquor, as well as bubbly and beer. And if anyone knows of other deals out there, please post them in the comments section.

But think of all the money you saved!*

* This photo is just a reminder that just because the booze is free doesn’t mean your body should pay the price. Know thy limit and ye shall live to drink another day.


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2 thoughts on “Ladies week: Seven nights of free drinks in Beijing”

  1. I don’t think you have to dress like a bunny for free bubbly at Bling. The confusion arises from the fact that the event is called “Sexy Bunny Night” and Bling employees girls who dress like bunnies, as well as hands out bunny ears, but the Champagne is free for all girls.

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