Goose & Duck marks 5 million visitors, plus parties at Club China Doll, Paddy O’Shea’s

To mark five million visitors* to its pub and ranch since 1996, veteran Beijing sports spot the Goose & Duck is holding a party on Saturday that features free house pours and pub grub from 8 PM until midnight as well as live entertainment (I imagine that includes the regularly scheduled performance by the Chinese Basketball Association cheerleaders). If I can finish an appointment on time and make it to the G&D, it will also include some free butt kicking at table top hockey courtesy of yours truly.

Also of note, Goose and Duck plans to open a comedy show and theater space, with seating for about 100, on the floor above the bar proper.

Meanwhile, Club China Doll in Tongli Studio will mark its second year tonight, with the entertainment including hip hop and mash up DJs from Mixtape.

And Paddy O’Shea’s celebrates its first anniversary on Sunday, with two for one on house drinks and regular beer, happy hour prices on premium beers, and an Irish band from 7:30 PM. (Note to management: Please use the spelling and grammar checker before sending out invites.)


* Give or take a thousand (or two).

2 thoughts on “Goose & Duck marks 5 million visitors, plus parties at Club China Doll, Paddy O’Shea’s”

  1. Question: the shopworn and haggard “ladies of the evening” that haunt G & D, preying on the equally shopworn “wait until I get my DTs on / wrong side of 50″ expat set, the same “ladies” that have outnumbered the “real customers” every time I’ve been in there in the last 6 years, are they counted in the “5 million”?

  2. They sure are, AMoG, as well as you insecure, wrong side of 20 phony a-holes that make ‘hip’ venues such a joy. But go ahead and judge if it makes you feel better. Too bad it doesn’t make you less boring.

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