Pulgasari: Get some iron in your diet at Bar Blu

This is one customer Tongli security aint messing with.
This is one customer Tongli security ain't messing with.


To those seeking something that unites monster movies, the world’s most reclusive regime, consumption of mineral resources, and cheap booze:

Koryo Tours is screening the 1985 North Korean flick Pulgasari tonight at Bar Blu, which I hear will offer drink deals. From what I gather, the movie is about a sensitive beer-drinking blogger massive iron-eating lizard that helps consumers peasants take on bars that add service charges dastardly overseers. The second feature is Friends of Kim, a 2005 documentary about an at-times wacky tour organized by the Korea Friendship Association. Maybe if people stick around, Bar Blu can keep the North Korea theme going with Team America.

Things get started at 7:30 but you might want to get there somewhat earlier to guarantee yourself a seat.

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  1. what’s up with the hotdog pic at the end of each post ?
    Is it a new way to advertise your current state of mind ? :)

  2. Officer,

    I have *no* idea how that hot dog got there.

    But seriously, I have no idea why that thing is showing up everywhere.

    Cheers, Boyce

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