Pink Loft closes: To reopen in former Revelations / Browns spot

Thai food joint Pink Loft is upping its stakes and moving to the former site of Revelations / Browns. As the chefs moped outside of the now-closed Sanlitun South spot last night, someone in management cited a proposed rent increase as the cause for closure and told me the new venue should be open in two weeks. The move puts Hot Loft beside Pink Loft…

One thought on “Pink Loft closes: To reopen in former Revelations / Browns spot”

  1. hmm, the accursed space lures another fish … if my accounting is correct this will be the 4th incarnation of something in that space.

    Should be a great litmus test: if a “known quantity” like the Pink Loft cannot survive in there, I say the curse is confirmed.

    If they can survive, we can blame the demise of its former occupants on something else.

    Speaking of the old Brown’s space, how is neighboring 1949 doing now that the chilly weather has arrived?

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