Name That TUN: Strait up with Danger Boy this Saturday night

The wall awaits...
Will Danger Boy play "The Wall" on The Wall?

Danger Boy“, winner of the Name That TUN contest, takes to the Great Wall DJ booth this Saturday night at 10 PM to do his eighties set. In addition to DJ DB spinning tunes, the night includes:

Acupuncture DJ Weng Weng rocking the joint with a 90-minute set that covers the 70s and 80s, from funk to disco.

Eighty-kuai shooter racks (12 per rack), three Strait cocktails for RMB40, Strait vodka shots for RMB20, and Strait bottles for RMB800.

As Chad Lager of TUN says, that last item “is part of the theme: it includes ’80′ plus a zero.” It’s all about marketing, people!

3 thoughts on “Name That TUN: Strait up with Danger Boy this Saturday night”

  1. I wish you had picked up the winner looking at the songlist rather than lucky dip… Hope ‘Danger Boy’ will have enough cheesy 80′s pop and not just Def Leppard and Bryan Adams…

    Looking forward to the evening!

  2. Thanks to Boyce and Chad for a great time. Tomas provided (probably too much) great booze. Set got sketchy near the end. Hopefully Chad will have me back, clean, sober and spinning tunes (at no charge by the way)


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