Eat, drink, and stay contest: Win Food & Wine Experience tickets, a deluxe room, and breakfast at the Hilton

I consider the annual Hilton Food & Wine Experience a “must attend” event because I can pick and choose among hundreds of wines, chat with fellow wine consumers and talk to experts, indulge myself at the buffet, and generally have a superb time for a reasonable price (RMB230). But each year, as the clock winds down on a fun afternoon, I wish I didn’t have to leave.

This year, one lucky reader will stay – overnight – as the Hilton is upping the experience with a prize package for this November 29 event. The package includes:

- Two tickets to the eleventh Food & Wine Experience, which includes a wide range of foods and wines to sample.

- A deluxe room, including wine and cheese upon arrival.

- Breakfast for two the next morning at Elements, to ensure recovery from your gastronomic adventure.

To enter the draw, simply go to the comments section and answer this question: If you could share a bottle of wine with anyone in the world, who would it be, and why? (Hmm, isn’t Kylie Minogue in town that weekend?).

Two pairs of tickets to the Hilton Food & Wine Experience are up for grabs as runner-up prizes.

For more information on this event, see here and here.

Note: The deadlines for entries is next Tuesday, November 25 at 3 PM.

27 thoughts on “Eat, drink, and stay contest: Win Food & Wine Experience tickets, a deluxe room, and breakfast at the Hilton”

  1. The gentlemen who operats the lift in my building between the hours of 9 PM and 9 AM. He looks like he could use a drink.

    Heres to you elevator operator man.

  2. Paul McCartney – so I could ask him for an advance preview of the previously unreleased 14-minute Beatles track, “Carnival of Light”

  3. My 96-year-old grandfather in Shanghai who still trades stocks and takes on landscape photography. As my hero, he’s most deserving of a toast. I would cheers him to longevity and a healthy, many more years to come!

  4. It would have to be Leonard Cohen! Spending time with him sipping some wine and chatting would be an awesome opportunity to learn from the master.

  5. Paris Hilton because:
    1. She kinda knows the boss so the service is bound to be good.
    2. No chance of her just having a polite sip of the wine.
    3. There’s a room included. Camera too?

  6. My kids living in Sydney. All three of them are having a hard time at the moment, so they could use a little indulging and relaxing.

  7. I’d share a Domaine Drouhin Pinot Noir from Wilamette Valley with my dad. My mom only drinks Merlot, and can’t stand Pinot’s “poohiness”, so I’m the only one he can drink it with it!

  8. Ferran Adria-not only a brilliant raconteur but also a gastronomic giant. I would use the evening to convince him to open a restaurant in Beijing, and also to secure a reservation to el Bulli (which is now booked out until 2010!!)

  9. I’d bring my wife, as she has not had a single evening away from our toddler since … well since the day before the little ones arrival, exactly 601 days ago.

  10. With *anyone*?!?!

    Sheesh… that is daunting.

    Ok, I’ll have to go with Hu Jintao (simply because having a picture of me with Hu Jintao will ensure that never again will I have a problem finding sponsorship from Chinese companies, hahaha) :)

  11. I’d share it with my dad, who knows next nothing about wines, because he worked too hard for too long to not enjoy the finer things in life.

  12. I’ll go with Slavoj Zizek on this one. He’s got this thing about putting “new wines into new wineskins” that I think would make for appropriate conversation. And given recent American politics, I’m pretty sure he’d be up for a new wine this time. Perfect timing?

  13. i’d ask that the wine be changed for a 750ml bottle of dark belgian trappist or abbey style ale, and share it with garrett oliver of brookyln brewery (and author of brewmaster’s table). i’d ask for help in trying to educate china on real craft and artisanal beers

  14. To be totally lame, with my mom and dad, because as an architect/engineer he’d have been amazed at the crazy stuff going on in China and the Middle East these days, and my mom should travel, so that would just be a bribe.

  15. Angelina Jolie. I consider her as the epitome of the modern superwoman: in between juggling a career (Ok, her acting isn’t Oscar worthy, but she tries to choose complex roles) and family life (an untraditional yet nuclear family), she also manages to do good in the world by bringing in the much-needed publicity to the international humanitarian scene. On top of that, she is BEAUTIFUL. I’d like to have a chat with this incredible woman to find out where she’ll be next… and to convince her to take me in as her protege.

  16. I’d drink a bottle of NZ Sauvignon Blanc with my husband to celebrate life, our agreement on the most fundamental issues and our deviating opinions on little things.

  17. Hmm…for the moment I’d say Dalai Lama, you can’t go wrong by sharing a drink with a 70-year-old man who’s been to so many places in the world!

  18. (Hi Jim, you only have to draw me once but I’d like to enter this alternative suggestion)

    I’d summon ancient Chinese bard Li Po from the other world to see what verse modern Beijing and fine red wine inspire.

  19. I’d share it with my family who I don’t get a chance to see very often, and will unfortunately be away from this holiday season.

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