Peking party puzzle: HalloWine, HalloQueens, or HalloWheeze?

La Baie des Anges used word play to co-opt Halloween for a specific group, the oenophiles, and create Hallowine. Now, The Boat is doing the same with its gay-friendly bash, HalloQueens. I see the trend and expect a flood of niche Halloween party invitations this afternoon…

  • HalloBean: For vegetarians and fans of Rowan Atkinson
  • Haloween: For video game nuts
  • Halloweenie: For those who await the return of Maggie’s and its hot dogs
  • Halloweave: For arts and crafts types
  • HalloUyghur: For the Western China crowd

I could go on, but… oh, what the Heckoween, I will…

  • Hallowheat: For bakers
  • Fallowsween: For fans of the Atlantic Monthly writer
  • Galloween: For Californian wine sippers
  • GallowsTeen: For death-row youth (woah, where did that one come from!?)
  • HalloGreen: Because Dick Cheney went to so much work on this costume
  • Halloweed: For those who like to smoke
  • Hallowheeze: For those who smoke too much
  • Show Me Your Pumpkin: OK, now I really will stop….

But seriously, have we ever seen this many Halloween parties in Beijing before? In addition to HalloQueens at The Boat, other recent invites are for parties at Bed and TUN. See also party listings here and here.

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