Palette Vino: Courtyard wine bar slated to open November 8

Look for Palette Vino to open a new wine bar next month and expand a Beijing presence that includes a bar and restaurant in Shunyi and a retail space in Pekotan in Central Park. Located near Dongsishitao, the new place includes a wine bar, a kitchen, and a lounge area fringing a treed courtyard. Owner John Gai, who also runs distributor Palette Wines, said the rooftop will be renovated and opened next year.

The opening is slated for 4 PM on November 8 and will include tapas, South African wines, and an exhibition by artist Ye Xue (RMB100 at the door; call 6585-3099 for more information).

Here are a few photos I took on Monday on what might be the world’s worst phone camera. From left: the bar, the rooftop, and the courtyard.

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  1. Yep, and they didn’t skimp on the design, with decent toilets, a nice bar, and a pretty sizable kitchen. I’m looking forward to having a bottle or two of Glaetzer here…

    Cheers, Boyce

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