Show Me Your Pumpkin: More Halloween parties than you can shake a broomstick at

Halloween is this Friday and the scariest thing might be the number of parties being advertised. Well, that and the “Show Me Your Pumpkin” promotion by 25 Degrees (Thankfully, the Oktoberfest slogan wasn’t “Show Me Your Sausage”).

Here’s the deal: The person who shows up with the biggest pumpkin gets dinner for two and an overnight stay at G Hotel. (Is that the yonder revving of tractors in Hebei province I hear?) There will also be “scary shots” at RMB100 per half-dozen and “6 mini Devil’s Burgers” at RMB66.

Anyway, I previously posted about some parties, including those by Acupuncture Records (“Spooked”), I-Ultra Lounge (“The Cellar of the Devil”), I-Space (“Death Prom”), Star Live (“Yen Fetish”), China Doll in 3.3 (“Myth of Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea”), Club China Doll (“Glow in the Dark party”) and, the obligatory anti-Halloween Party, La Baie des Anges (“Hallowine”).

An update on China Doll at 3.3: The invite states that ten people will “win a role in a feature film ‘Sophie’s Revenge’, staring major international film star Zhang Ziyi in November.” It’s RMB50 to get into that one and gets you a “witches brew” cocktail. Also:

Bling: A whopping RMB5000 cash prize for the best costume.

Kokomo: A Halloween Caribbean carnival a.k.a. “The scary sexy version of Halloween!”

Obiwan: Beijing Calling, “surprise tricks and treats for everyone”, and a screening of 1978 classic Halloween at 8 PM.

The Pomegranate: A party with, apparently, a screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The Rickshaw: A free pitcher of “The Zombie” for anyone presenting a ticket from one of the other parties (Yen Fetish, etc).

The Boat, Cargo, Mix, Klubb Rouge, Song, Loong – it seems like almost everyone is getting into the spirit. See the events pages at City Weekend and The Beijinger (it would be helpful if both added a function to search by specific day).

How to choose? Frankly, your best bet might be to hit Bling, win the RMB5,000, use the money to buy a Xiali-sized pumpkin, take it to 25 Degrees and win that contest, and then hit China Doll and end up in a movie. Or, you could just stay home and scare yourself senseless by reading about the world economy.


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3 thoughts on “Show Me Your Pumpkin: More Halloween parties than you can shake a broomstick at”

  1. RMB 5,000 for best costume?

    Oh, it’s on, baby, it’s on!

    Viva Las Beijing…thank you very much!

    The KING will make an appearance at BLING in full polyester jumpsuit, ladies.

  2. Uh oh, Elvis is going to make an appearance.

    Seriously, if you wear that costume, Kristen Lum at Bling ought to take you to AllStar and treat you to a bucket of fried chicken

    Vive Las Beijing,


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