Bits and bites: Burger battles, Pekotan, Frantoi Celletti, Tun

What’s with the RMB75+ hamburger trend in the Sanlitun area these days? Is it sustainable? Who has the patty power: Let’s Burger (RMB48+, no fries), Blue Frog (RMB75), and Union Bar & Grill (RMB86), or Luga’s, The Den, and The Rickshaw (all RMB35-40)? Or should I just go to Le Petit Gourmand and have a nice roast beef on baguette, with fries and salad (RMB35)? Questions, questions…

An Italian joint called Frantoi Celleti is slated to open this weekend in Sanlitun South, next to Tun (accessible by that side street near Pink Loft). Billing itself as an “oil bar, restaurant, and cafe,” this place seats 120+ and offers high ceilings, elegant matte black furniture, a wood-fired pizza oven, and displays of olive grinders and grape presses. Expect a heavy emphasis – including tastings – on olive oil. I’ll have more on this place shortly.

Speaking of Tun, word has it that ladies drink for free from 8-11 PM tomorrow (Friday) night.

Pekotan (Central Park) offers good ambiance and a nice selection of buffet items at lunch, but is a case study in inefficiency. Watching the staff continually drag out and return food containers to the display case is annoying, both because it is time-consuming and it makes it hard to see what’s on offer. Why can’t they simply just scope the items from the display case?

The chill in the air reminds that opportunities for outdoor imbibing are dwindling. It’s nearly last call for patios, decks, and balconies at The Boat, The Stone Boat, Pavillion, Kokomo, et al.

13 thoughts on “Bits and bites: Burger battles, Pekotan, Frantoi Celletti, Tun”

  1. I love Pekotan, but the weather is getting cooler and cooler and I don’t know how long people be able to sit outside. Also if you don’t order the 28 kuai valued lunch set, it might take forever for them to take your order and get everything ready.

    And my question is always that why I asked for glasses to go for my expensive bottled water, they always give me coffee mugs? Urgh!

  2. Kokomo’s roof is presently in the process of being glassed in and heated for winter fun, so while it might not be completely “outdoor” for the next few months, there will definitely be no last call on account of weather. . .we’ll do our best to create an endless summer!

  3. @ Kevin,

    Yes, getting the 28-kuai deal is painful enough, Buddha forbid you complicate things any more. As for sitting outside, I rarely do at Pekotan – I prefer to be inside and facing that wall of wine.

    Cheers, Boyce

  4. Thanks Bill,

    Didn’t mean to suggest you guys were closing. By the way, congrats on the Olympics success (and no cover charge!).

    Cheers, Boyce

  5. Dude, stop whining about $75 burgers~ You get what you pay for , the burger at Rickshaw is un-edible , mystery meat(no doubt is not 100% beef) tasteless and flabby. The burger at Union is ground steak and ” hand formed” , they grind their own according to The American Chef. The burger at Blue Frog maybe as bad as Rickshaw for double the price , its is molded in some factory looks like a hockey puck and has the texture of Spam. Do a burger challenge , order a takeaway burger from each place and taste for yourself ( if you can afford it), you get what you pay for burgerman!~

  6. Dude,

    You claim you “get what you pay for” and then you say the burger at Blue Frog is “as bad as Rickshaw for double the price.” Welcome to the whiner’s club!

    Cheers, Boyce

  7. Yo Boycee , you got me there!~ Guess you do not always get what you pay for , expensive does not mean quality especially in the case of the Blue Frog Burger at least for my experience…..again do the burger challenge burgerman ( I can discuss a low interest loan if your funds are short…lol)

  8. Oh yeh Roast Beef on Baguette , glad you brought that up , Union Bar and Grille has a very nice ( and big) Prime Rib French Dip with nice shoestring fries , coleslaw and a nice cappuccino cup of tasty beef consomme for dipping the sandwich, until somebody has a better one ( at any price ) that is still the best deal going and heck they let you share it as there is enough for 2 , that is what I call value mate!~

  9. @ Kevin,

    Yeah, I found that a bit strange – one steak at a place called Union Bar & Grille? Hmmmm…

    Cheers, Boyce

  10. there is no gas is the entire mall yet so the menu is limited for the time being according to the Chef , pretty hard to do big juicy steaks without a fire right?
    They are expecting the gas to be ready soon which means that they will have their entire menu available at some point soon I would expect……….make mine a big 16oz. Ribeye medium rare!~ If you have dined in Union Bar and Grille Hong Kong you would know that they serve up some of the best steaks in HK from my point of view and I am sure they get it right here as well. BTW the steak they are serving now is not steak its Prime Rib , I have had it and its excellent!~Cheers!~CJ

  11. Sounds like the guy above works for Union Grill. I’ve had the burger at blue frog and thought is was great… Been going to the blue frog in Shanghai for years and haven’t every really had the hockey puck experience you’re talking about. I’m happy to have them in the neighborhood.


  12. Hey CJ,

    do you have shares in union grille or is the american chef “friend” a member of your family?

    you seem to know the entire menu and sound like a press release

    just my opinion


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