Let’s Burger: It’s on. 5 PM. Today.

UPDATE: I went by Let’s Burger this afternoon and they said they don’t open until 5 PM. I guess it’s a daily thing.

One East on Third – 325 kuai.

25 Degrees – 110 kuai.

Blue Frog – 75 kuai.

There once seemed to be a shortage of decent burgers in this town. Now, it’s more a matter of financing them.

The newest outfit to join the fray is Let’s Burger, which management says will open at 5 PM today in new Nali (down from Pantry Magic). The menu includes a dozen kinds of burgers, ranging from the “Original” (RMB48), which includes 7 ounces of beef, to the “Let’s Burger” (RMB~150), which includes two kinds of beef, tiger prawns, foie gras, mozzarella, and avocado. The menu also has a half-dozen salads, five kinds of French fries (from RMB20), among other items. I’ll have more on this place… after 5 PM.

8 thoughts on “Let’s Burger: It’s on. 5 PM. Today.”

  1. Good luck with getting a burger at 25 Degrees. They have not been open since being mentioned in The Beijinger a couple of weeks ago. Sometime in September was the message when I last called.

  2. Blue Frog served of the most dissapointing cheese burgers I have ever had. The actual burger was dwrafed by the bun, which reminded me of sloppy joe days in the elementary school cafeteria. The burger besideds being undersized was overly greasy, and was toped with a slice of cheese so thin, I wasnt sure if it was there. Overall it was just a disapointing experience.

  3. Decent burger at Union Bar & Grill (next to blue frog). Nice presentation and good shoestring fries.

  4. Burgers are so expensive?! What is up with that? I live in the U.S. but am frequently in Hangzhou (and have been since the mid-90’s) and I am stunned by those prices. Is it that burgers have become the latest hot, trendy thing to go eat or what?

    I sure miss the prices of 12 years ago, heh. Of course, the only burger available then would have been Mai Dang Lao so I guess there is an upside to these newer burgers.

  5. So has anyone went to Let’s Burger?? I tried to go for lunch and I see people sitting down eating, BUT they tell me, “No we only open at 5:00″.

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