Sips and slurps: Let’s Burger, Luga’s Villa, Boutique Wine Cellar

I posted earlier about Mosto opening upstairs at new Nali Studio, but there is also action at “ground” level: Let’s Burger looks near ready to go. The place appeared to be doing staff training tonight and an acquaintance said he recently participated in a delicious taste test of the burgers.

Luga’s Villa opened in the former two-floor Marguerite space, just northwest of Tongli Studio, and is priced about the same as Luga’s, across from Aperitivo, though about two magnitudes fancier. A recent visit revealed a live salsa band, tasty RMB35 burgers, RMB15 Coronas, RMB10 Tsing Tao, and friendly staff.

Downstairs, Boutique Wine Cellar has replaced the bar / mini club formerly known as Mingle. Wine starts at RMB20 per glass for drinkable Californian Roundtree wine and the menu offers dozens of other choices. The deck is a pleasant place to enjoy a glass or two. I’ll psot a longer write-up on this place.

2 thoughts on “Sips and slurps: Let’s Burger, Luga’s Villa, Boutique Wine Cellar”

  1. Perhaps Luga can give a call to that Mariachi Band that turned up unannounced a couple of months ago, causing the police to close him down for a night (you should recall that night – you and I were amongst the punters turfed out.) Now at least he has somewhere for them to play.

  2. Best burger I’ve had in Beijing in memory, and for 50 RMB for a burger (that comes with nice fries and a nice little salad) plus a Corona all in, it’s a great value. Especially in the face of the overpriced fare mentioned in the burger post above.

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