Beijing Olympics Celebrity Watch: The Medalists

After sixteen star-spangled days, Olympics celebrity watch is winding down. Sure, sightings continue to trickle in – Vince Vaughn at Kokomo, David Beckham at The Beach, Jimmy Page at Red Moon Bar – but this seems an appropriate time to give out some medals.

But first, thanks to Fletch, 8 Songs, TVG, Meow, m-dawg, MD, beijingdaze, Sherlock Homey, Badr, NC, TLC, and RCR for sending in sightings.



Evander Holyfield

“The Real Deal” didn’t get a gold medal at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, but he does now. While in Beijing for The Games, he danced to his left, danced to his left, and covered the nightlife scene like a flurry of blows to a punching bag. The former world boxing champion also showed great patience by stopping to take photos with hundreds – more like thousands – of people at Bud House, China Doll, and other night spots.



Jared Leto

His ubiquity threatened to overshadow the Olympics early on – until Evander showed up. The Fight Club / Panic Room actor and 30 Seconds to Mars band member was spotted in no fewer than five places in our fair city, including Commune by the Wall and the basketball stadium. Unfortunately, he didn’t take up my offer to produce a half-dozen “watchers” to stare at him for 30 minutes at the Beijing bar of his choice. It still stands.



Usain Bolt

Once he had the sprint records under his belt, the Jamaican speedster was out and about. He posed for photos, shook hands with fans, and busted moves on the dance floor at CJW.

Michael Phelps

After grabbing eight gold medals at The Games, Phelps partied at China Doll, where he enjoyed a beverage or two, wore a backwards baseball cap, and became ecstatic when NBA star / German basketball team player Dirk Nowitzki showed up. His shout of “Dirk in the house!” was heard throughout the night.


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  1. Ooh, forgot to mention: saw Vince Vaughn at Club last Thursday post-women’s football final. He was pretty glib with his “what ups.”

  2. @ Daniel,

    And Stacy Q’s for that matter.

    @ endmeilingr,

    Unfortunately, Vaughn arrived too late to catch up to Evander Holyfield and Jared Leto in the celebrity watch showdown. I do hope he enjoyed the free Budweiser, though.

    Cheers, Boyce

  3. Jared Leto hopped a plane early half wit to go to the
    Kerrang awards in which 30 Seconds to Mars won TWO awards

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