Beijing Olympics Celebrity Watch: Evander Holyfield Special Edition

A week ago, media experts speculated that Jared Leto threatened to overshadow the Beijing Olympics or at least eclipse the frenzy over scorpions on a stick. Well, move over Fight Club star because there is a real brawler out and about in Beijing: Evander Holyfield.

“The Real Deal” is not only a multiple world boxing champion, but also won a medal in the 1984 Summer Olympics and placed fifth on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.” Holyfield has been spotted at no less than five spots about town. I even saw him at the China Doll entrance out front of the 3.3 Building (Evander, I was the guy about 20 feet back fighting for a spot in line – I hope you saw my jabs.) But seriously, kudos to Holyfield, who patiently posed for a flurry of photos with the crowd.


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