Wunderbar: Drei Kronen 1308, Stadium

I wrote earlier about the massive German beer pub – Drei Kronen 1308 – set to open in China View. Brewmaster Hans gave me a tour this afternoon, which included a brewing room where more than 100,000 liters of beer can be made at any one time.

On the main floor, the copper tanks are spectacular. The view from the two balconies takes in these, the wraparound bar, and a stage. It turns out the third balcony houses the kitchen, giving the staff an eagle eye’s view of the action. Look for Bavarian food as well as some Italian and Chinese favorites.

DK 1308 also has a rooftop beer garden, with lovely wood and cast iron benches and tables, the latter having foot rests.

There should be an opening of sorts tomorrow, with home brew available from August 16 and an official opening on October 3 (expect this to be tied to Drei Kronen celebrating its 700th anniversary). Hans says the bar will have three beers on tap – lager, wheat, and dark, with capacity for specialty beers, such as for Octoberfest.

Connected by a walkway is the two-floor sports bar Stadium, which also looks to shortly open. Expect plenty of wood, pool tables, screens, as well as pub grub (I could smell the cooks testing pizzas as we walked through).