Lord of the Wings: Rob takes Rickshaw speed-eating crown

Rickshaw hot wing contest 1Best known for his guitar-strumming feats, Rob L (bottom right) gnawed his way through a half-kilogram of spicy chicken wings last night at The Rickshaw to take home the crown in a contest that one might describe as “clucking great” and hope becomes a regular event.

The six contestants had three minutes to scarf down as many spicy wings as possible while a crowd cheered them on. Rickshaw officials then Rickshaw hot wing contest 2weighed both the bones and the uneaten wings to determine just how much meat went down each gullet.

I had little doubt Rob L would emerge as the winner, given his use of the “bite and scrape” technique and the deftness with which his fingers handled the wings, no doubt an added benefit of playing guitar. He received a certificate of achievement and an armful of prizes, while each and every participant took home the most important thing – the glory.

(Photos: The Rickshaw)

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