Coming up: Mesh, Punk, blue frog, Let’s Burger, Bling, and more

The race is on for a slew of bars and restaurants to open in Beijing.

Sanlitun boutique hotel The Opposite House is slated to open Mesh (August 11), Punk (August 20), and its food outlets in the next two weeks. Expect to melt into the low sofas at Mesh, a Zen-like space that features a nice combination of dark leather, wood, and metal. Given the location and atmosphere, Mesh has potential as a regular stop if it can deliver on the cocktails (basic drinks from RMB50, martinis from RMB60).

Like Mesh, Punk club downstairs can hold about 100 people, but offers a much different decor – call it one part goth, one part metal, and one part Mad Max. Expect heavier music than at your typical club – music like, well, punk.

Meanwhile, the management at blue frog says its still plans to open its Sanlitun Village branch before the Olympics. The Shunyi branch is already up and running. The same building will supposedly house another Hatsune and a Chinese restaurant called Karaiya, while a Cold Stone Creamery looks about to open on the village’s west side, facing Yashow.

Let’s Burger looks close to finished in Nali Studio. Operating under the tag line, “Probably the finest burger served in Beijing,” this long narrow tile-floor restaurant has an extensive counter on one side and tables and lounge chairs on the other. Around the corner, the new Muse has looked ready to open for some time. The word is still out on Project H, which would take the fifth floor and deck on the south side.

In China View, Alba Italian restaurant has opened in back, beneath Purple Haze, while a large sports bar is in the works. (Nearby City Hotel has erected a massive banner for its first-floor club Paw Paw.)

Makoto Beijing

Revelations, which closed a few weeks ago, has a sign saying it will be under construction for 14 days. A peak inside found the place deserted. Meanwhile, as mentioned earlier, 1/5, the bar component of 1949: The Hidden City, is now open.

And as a follow-up to this post, high-end Japanese joint Makoto has opened in China Central Place, though it will be RSVP-only until August 15. Here’s a photo, from my always (un)reliable phone camera, of my favorite dish from last Friday’s tasting – sea scallop on pork belly and potato puree, with cubes of spiced apple.

I’ll post soon on other planned openings, including about a dozen places in Solana, just north of Chaoyang ParkCrobar, hip hop club Bling (slated opening: August 7), and sports bar All Star (slated opening: August 8).

2 thoughts on “Coming up: Mesh, Punk, blue frog, Let’s Burger, Bling, and more”

  1. what do you think is going to happen once the olympic hype has gone? Even without the (possible) downturn, do you think all these new ventures are sustainable? beijing is after all well known for its high turnover of bars and restuarants.

    also, is the old burger stand (serbian owner?) still in the alley way at nali? because when I was last living in the city two years ago, they were “Probably the finest burger served in Beijing”


  2. @ Mike,

    Re whether these places are sustainable. In a word: no.
    My gut feeling is tough times ahead for the restaurant, bar, and hotel sectors after The Games.

    As for Kiosk, not sure of it status (I’ll try and find out) but good burgers there.

    Cheers, Boyce

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