Brain drain: Tuesday night quiz shifts to Schindler’s

Sequoia Cafe / John Bull Pub have long been the home of Tuesday night brainteasing, but owner and quiz master Frank Siegel has moved the popular weekly event to Schindlers (6463-1108) in Sanlitun, starting tonight at 8 PM.

Steffen Schindler has a great room on the second floor that has its own bar, overhead and plenty of space,” writes Siegel. “The prices are reasonable and Steffen is going to put on a great buffet for the evening.”

True, but a quiz in a German restaurant? I mean, what intellectuals has that country given us besides Einstein, Hasselhoff, and Munchausen (to be confirmed). In any case, Siegel will lead tonight’s quiz, which makes me think the move is just an attempt for him to enjoy a cold German beer while toying with the minds of patrons.

Quick quiz: What’s another name for a hot dog? Answer: A Frank.

2 thoughts on “Brain drain: Tuesday night quiz shifts to Schindler’s”

  1. Beijing Boyce: you were correct! The burger at The Den does rank highly.

    The cheeseburger bun could use work, though.

    Currently, my favorite Beijing burger is the CJW burger…also, you can’t write-off the quality TGIFridays burger even though it recently jumped from RMB 46 to RMB 65.

  2. @ Mahoney,

    You’re right – the bun is the weakest part of the deal.

    TGIF loses out on the value side with that price jump.

    Cheers, Boyce

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