Um, really? SCMP claims Beijing to ban blacks, Mongolians at bars

Tom Miller of the South China Morning Post reported today that bars in central Beijing have been instructed to not serve blacks or Mongolians during the Olympics:

Beijing authorities are secretly planning to ban black people and others it considers social undesirables from entering the city’s bars during the Olympic Games, a move that would contradict the official slogan, “One World, One Dream”.

Bar owners near the Workers’ Stadium in central Beijing say they have been forced by Public Security Bureau officials to sign pledges agreeing not to let black people enter their premises….

Security officials are targeting Sanlitun, which Olympic organisers expect to be a key destination for foreign tourists looking for a party during the Games.

The pledges that Sanlitun bar owners had been instructed to sign agreed to stop a variety of activities in their establishments, including dancing and serving customers with black skin, they said.

The owners of five bars that cater to an international clientele in the Sanlitun area separately told me today that they had not been contacted by police recently about enforcing such a ban or signing a related pledge, though one said he had been asked several months ago to not serve blacks. I will pass on more information as it becomes available.

Note: Miller also writes, “A few months ago, police launched a violent sting on black men drinking in the Sanlitun bar district…” I think he is confusing this raid in April with this one last September.

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  1. Hmmmmm… sounds very stupid/unlikely to me. BJ Boyce you should email the reporter and find out.

  2. “Bar owners near the Workers’ Stadium in central Beijing say they have been forced by Public Security Bureau officials to sign pledges agreeing not to let black people enter their premises….”

    hello, i thought all the venues around the workers stadium were not letting ANY color people in their venues as they’ve been asked to close for the duration of the games …

  3. Meh…what do you expect, they need to get hit pieces out with only 20 days left before the opening ceremonies.

  4. This is a load of rubbish, China is one of the only few countries to be providing aid to Africa. Ok they sell them weapons too (as do most countries) but im fairly sure they dont have anything against black people.

  5. i never thought chinese people were also racist. anyway they’re probably teed off by the South African public rejecting their stance to be included in the BBBEE even though they won the ruling, I must say, I was considering going to the olympics and was leaving in 2 weeks, but i am now doubting that.

  6. Asking the reporter won’t help. The Chinese use a very heavy hand in dealing with the media.

  7. I remember hearing years ago there was an incident with an African sports team in Beijing and since then anti-black sentiment has been pervasive. Could this be the remnants of this?

  8. Five bars, China is a huge country, those five bars hardly count. Neither do 3 reporters, and the way China is, if that was a slur, they’d all get arrested, and probably executed in a week.

  9. These olympics may turn out to be largely an internal affair of china. i could do with a more altruistic host.

    tourism from europe is down double digits, almost 50% from some countries. beijing hoteliers calculate with an actual occupancy rate during the games of 46%.

    110,000 foreigners on concessional visa have been cleared out of china in recent months, according to the japanese press, including thousands of african f-visa holders from south china, who used to make a living buying and shipping cheap chinese goods to their respective home countries.

    apparently, the siblings of more than one african ambassador had been caught dealing in drugs.

    many african countries have woken up to the fact, that china’s approach to africa is not a humanitarian one, but purely self-serving.

    i think it would be fair to say, that relations between china and africa are at best ambiguous. Therefore, even though the story almost certainly is not true, it is entirely conceivable that beijing police might go overboard demanding such pledge. the fact that we deem it possible, tells a long story, too.

    someone has dubbed the olympic games 2008 “the no-fun games”. he may be spot-on.

  10. Bah, if you’re gonna try to generate a fuss, you dont claim that they wont serve teh blacks… you say they are anti-semites and just sit back and watch the Pavlovian US media go into overdrive.

    I hear the chinese also eat live babies.
    Pass it on.

  11. Lets be honest here people, most of the people of color were there selling poor quality coke.

    Notice how since the visa situation has gotten harder, there are less drug dealers around?

    Its not an image that China wants to project. Hence the crackdown.

    Its like in the States where being muslim automatically means you are a terrorist. In Beijing Sanlitun, being Black means you are a drug dealer.

    Live with it.

  12. What they think about themselves. Are a billion Chenese afraid of three million Mongolians?

  13. Let’s be honest here. The treatment of the Buddhist says to me they are capible of such behavior. They have a history of cracking down on certain behaviors. And some of these posts are as ignorant as could be. Blacks = Drugs. I just wish some of these posters could understand for a day what it is like to be judged and tried before you even had a chance to prove your worth. That is the thinking that got over 6 million Jews killed. There were some Jews that probably forced a few Germans into poverty and therefor all Jews are gready bastards that do not deserve to live. A few Germans at the Olympics threw bannanas at the African team that does not mean the entire German population is a bunch of racists fools. Martin Luther King died so each man could be judged by the content of his character and not the color of his skin. But yet here we go again assuming if we get rid of the blacks and Mongolians the world will be perfect. What about those Christans who killed thousands during the Christan reformation? Let’s get them too. What about those priest who molested those boys let’s kill them too. As many dog jokes that go around about China you would think they would be the last to practice this type of behavior. But alas they didn’t learn a got damn thing from their harsh treatment in history.

  14. you racist bottom feeders better hope the hammer of oppression never falls on “your kind”.

  15. i beleve this can be true news i have ben in china and i sow the the use to look at any presonne who is the chinese
    specialy black the use to call black ghost in the chinese language
    me and my wife we had a bad time in china concerning the discrimination

  16. “you would think they would be the last to practice this type of behavior. But alas they didn’t learn a got damn thing from their harsh treatment in history.”

    lol, black have been discriminated against, and blacks are one of the most racist groups of people today.

  17. The document in question uses the word 黑帮份子, which means “gangster”, not black people. The first character in the word for gangster does mean black, but this entire article is based on a very bad translation.

    The pledge actually asks them to not serve “gangsters and prostitutes” not “blacks and Mongolians.”

  18. Blake, Tom Miller has been in China for over five years and speaks excellent Mandarin – better, in fact, than many of the SCMP HK Chinese journalists. I can assure you he would not make a crass error like you are suggesting.

  19. OK, let’s suppose that some “Blacks” sale drugs in Chinese bars and Chinese authorities have decided that enough is enough (as if Chinese were all angels and only discovered drugs through Blacks dealers).

    Are Chinese authorities’ procedures fair?

    Do you remember Tienanmen Square Massacre in 1989? No blacks selling drugs there…just Chinese students protesting for their rights!
    Have you watched the news lately? Many Chinese families’ houses were destroyed for the sake of the Olympics. Those “poor” Chinese families were devastated and some claim that they have not received any compensation (yet). Again, no Blacks selling drugs there…just Chinese families trying to live a normal life!
    And what about the persecution of Christians? Have you ever heard of “Underground Churches” in China? Again, no Blacks and drugs involved here…

    My point is, if Chinese authorities are capable of doing such things to their own people, what can stop them from conducted a crackdown operation on Blacks and Mongolians?

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