Top five watering holes: Scuba diving instructor Steven Schwankert

This kicks off a series of posts about where Beijing residents enjoy a beverage or two.

Steven Schwankert is founder of Beijing-based diving school SinoScuba. Last year he led an Explorers Club team on a two-week diving expedition of Lake Khovsgol in Mongolia. Next week he will lead a dive on the underwater parts of the Great Wall. Long story short: He is familiar with liquid. Here are his bar picks:

Drinking and diving don’t mix, but kept separate they are fine. Overall, I try to patronize bars that are owned and/or run by divers.

Steven Schwankert Beijing Bar Picks

The Rickshaw
They offer the thing that is most important to me at a bar – a stable Internet connection. The service and food is just OK, but they have sports and news on big TVs, the location is convenient, and there’s a regular crowd that’s usually annoyance-free until 6 pm. Kris, one of the owners, is a diver.

Tim’s Texas BBQ
Great bottomless iced tea, a very refreshing drink after a dive except if it was an ice dive! Good Internet for afternoon use. The owner Tim dives – we had SinoScuba’s fifth anniversary party here.

Nothing to do with diving, but visitors love it, they make a decent malarial cure (gin and tonic), and the crowd is tolerable.

The Press Club Bar
I’m looking forward to this place re-opening when the St. Regis finishes its renovation. They make the best Tanqueray and tonic I’ve ever had.

Maggie’s (R.I.P.)
Spare me the crass comments, it was the one bar that, regardless of its patrons, was open late, had great bartenders, great rock music, and just a bit of an edge.

3 thoughts on “Top five watering holes: Scuba diving instructor Steven Schwankert”

  1. Re Maggies – don’t forget the dancing. My girlfriend and I used to hit that place for a djive, or when not on the dance floor, there was always some crowd-watching

  2. “familiar with liquids”??? come on BB, you can do better than that. Where’s the pun on Schwankert always being tanked?

  3. @ 8 Songs,

    And the hot dogs… everywhere the hot dogs.

    @ m-dawg,

    I have trouble using the word “tanked” when his first bar pick is chosen for the Internet connection and his second for the iced tea. How about “in the drink”?

    Cheers, Boyce

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