American freedom? Thank China (this Friday)

While China is credited by some with edging out Ponce De Leon in discovering the land that would become the United States and is yet to get its dues for beating the Yanks in putting a man on the moon (I sense Gavin Menzies shall soon find remains of a gargantuan 5,000-year-old catapult in Gansu), it also deserves recognition for the founding of America itself – we’re talking freedom, my friends.

Fact 1: The Boston Tea Party, which saw thousands of pounds of Chinese leaves dumped from British ships into the harbor, ranks among the key events leading to the American Revolution.

No China, no tea, no revolution (though, on a more positive note, no Boston Red Sox or New England Patriots)

Fact 2: The Americans used a battery of cannonball and flurry of musket shot to drive out the Brits, secure freedom, and avoid a history of using the word “loo”, playing “football” with a round rather than oblong ball, driving on the wrong side of the road, and watching. Benny Hill instead of the far more cerebral The Hills.

No China, no gunpowder, no victory (though, again on a more positive note, no Spencer and Heidi).

I could go on, but that would just be more silliness. The point: this Friday is a chance to celebrate the nation that gave us teddy bears, light bulbs, electric guitars, Levi’s, jazz, bacon double cheeseburgers, the zipper, Bourbon, email, Scotch tape, the Manhattan, and Elvis. And to do so in the country that arguably (see above) made it all possible. Here are some of the events:


The American Chamber of Commerce holds its annual “Red, White & BBQ” party this Friday, 3-9:30 PM, at the International School of Beijing (Shunyi). The event includes fireworks, live music, food, drinks, shuttle buses between ISB and downtown, and the Olympic Fuwa mascots (this is your chance to let those little critters know what you think of the new visa policy).

Tickets are ONLY available in advance – fill out and fax this form to 8519-1910 or bring it to the AmCham office. Prices: AmCham members (including employees and families of member firms) – RMB150; nonmembers – RMB 250; children aged 5-12 – RMB 100; children under 5 – free. For more info, email or see LINK.

China Doll @ 3.3 will mark the Fourth of July by holding an “Ai Wan in California” party, with a free flow of the drink of the same name from 9 PM to midnight. The dress code: “shine like a movie star, relax like nobody is around.”

Sequoia Cafe on Guanghu Lu will forgo its usual Friday night wine tasting in lieu of Hawaiian beer. RMB100 gets you four coupons to “mix and match” three Kona beers – Longboard Lager, Big Wave Golden Ale and Pipeline Porter – with hot dogs and fries. RSVP via e-vite (to get on the list, contact Frank Siegel at 13701-178-073).


Also on Friday, The Beijinger reports there will be Fourth of July parties at Lush (with live music; 8286-3566) and The Beach (RMB100; drink discounts; red, white and blue shots; 6508-8585), while City Weekend’s Web site informs that American Steak and Eggs offers two pancakes, two eggs and a choice of breakfast meat for RMB35. I also hear there is going to be a Fourth of July party at Frank’s Place and hope to have details on that one soon.

If anyone knows of other Fourth of July parties, please let me know and I’ll update this list later in the week.

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  1. American Steak and Eggs? Paul is a frigging Canadian, how dare he call it “American” Steak and Eggs. And spare me all that “North American” nonsense, no one refers to Canadians as Americans.

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