Sips and slurps: Cafe de la Poste, OT Lounge, I/5 Taverna, and more

Last night, I had a T-bone steak so big that it needed a postal code. The place: Cafe de la Poste. The price: 96 kuai. The context: We were two ravenous souls in search of solid stomach filler after tasting 15 wines in western Beijing (writeup soon). Our slabs of meat came nicely cooked and with perfectly seasoned potatoes, thus providing an antidote for a wee too much Shiraz. (Thanks to WG for the suggestion.)

Last week, I parked on the deck at OT Lounge during happy hour and had a tasty glass of Cabernet-Shiraz (25 kuai, 5-8 PM daily; 35-45 kuai regularly) and a plate of Macanese-style beef noodles (28 kuai). This is a nice spot to chill out and watch life go by – the locals, the expatriate residents, the tourists loaded down with shopping bags, the traffic (well, maybe not the traffic). OT also offers regular live music inside.

I recently tried the lunch special at 1/5 Taverna, in 1949: The Hidden City. The mozzarella and tomato salad and the risotto both ranked as “OK.” What helps make the meal worth RMB68 is the restaurant’s ambiance – the sedate lighting, high ceilings, and natural materials (stone, brick, etc), as well as the grass and trees visible through the window, combine to lower workday stress.

I still think Revelations offers one of the best-value set lunches in town – and I emphasis lunch, since several people told me, “Hey, I went for dinner and it isn’t that cheap!” While the place no longer provides complimentary water when you arrive, RMB48 is still a good deal for homemade bread, soup or salad, and a main course (coffee can be tacked on, from RMB10).

Finally, another plug for Pacific Coffee, which offers its largest size of daily brew for RMB22, a tasty roast chicken and avocado panini for RMB22, and comfortable sofas and armchairs.


Luga’s: Shut down last week, this place has re-opened.

Enoteca: Opened two weeks ago, this place has closed, but hopes to be pouring wine again in a few days.

6 thoughts on “Sips and slurps: Cafe de la Poste, OT Lounge, I/5 Taverna, and more”

  1. I thought I spotted you a few weeks ago at Pacific Coffee. I kind of feel like you’ve given away my secret hideaway . . . even though I invite people to meet me there all the time. So often in fact, I have successfully received my FREE 14th cup. What is it about this location that makes it so appealing? The coffee is the same at all of there locations, so what makes The Place store shine?

  2. Hi Gracie,

    I think what makes that store good is: 1) lots of space, 2) friendly staff, 3) good value coffee, 4) comfy seats, and 5) the nice shiny huge sky screen, which makes for a nice break when you need some mental pablum.

    I didn’t even know about the 14 cup deal!

    Cheers, Boyce

  3. went to revelations for dinner last night — food was excellent again but they only had a few tables (on a saturday night). What gives? Is that space cursed or what? It’s a nice place — and while back in the Brown’s days perhaps it was a little hidden but now with popular places all around it, for the life of me I can’t figure out why they don’t have more customers.

  4. m-dawg,

    i think the problem is the design. is the place supposed to mimic a five-star hotel? a live music joint (the drum kit and stage near the door)? a museum (the pillars and painting? there needs to be more cohesion, though a lack of it won’t keep from going for lunch.

    cheers, boyce

  5. I agree with Gracie. You go telling the world about our hidden nooks, and pretty soon the place will be over-run. Although I must say, the turn-out of gorgeous looking women there the last few days has been pleasing to the eye. I hope you aren’t going to take credit for that though!

    One of the attractions of that place is that all the couches are strategically placed so that you can eye-ball the people coming and yet remain unobtrusive.

  6. 8 songs,

    Well, I won’t take credit, but it is a pretty striking coincidence…

    Cheers, Boyce

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