Grab a java II: Pacific Coffee

Hot on the heels of an executive decision to expand my “hood” - hey, if Champagne producers can do it, why can’t I? – I’m revising my recent list of coffee stop suggestions. I’ve traditionally defined said hood as the Gongti-Sanlitun corridor, but I’m tacking on The Place since it is but a brisk ten-minute walk from my pad near Workers’ Stadium.

That brings into the fold Pacific Coffee, which I visited thrice last week. A friendly and competent staff, strong wireless signal, cozy chairs inside and adequate seating outside, and reasonably priced coffee (RMB19 for a large brew) and food (RMB22 for a toasted Panini with chicken and avocado) make Boyce a happy blogger. The only drawback: going to the toilet requires an elevator trip to the floor above.

Note: The multi-floor Pacific Coffee in Jianwai Soho is also a good wireless option.

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3 thoughts on “Grab a java II: Pacific Coffee”

  1. Boyce,

    you have reviewed my weekend retreat. Many a Saturday or Sunday morning you will find me in that very coffee shop, newspaper or laptop at the ready. Now you’ve gone and spoiled it by announcing it to the world!

    PS, of the coffee shops in Shi Mao Tian jie, this one is the best. Easily outdoes Starbugs for ambience and food.


  2. 8 Songs,

    As long as I don’t tell anyone you drive a Ferrari, have curly black hair and a substantial mustache, tend to spy on people in the shop, and go by the name of “Magnum”, I doubt anyone will bother you.

    And I agree, Pacific Coffee trumps Starbuck’s.

    Cheers, Jim

  3. Any idea what’s happened to Beijing’s Pacific Coffees? The shops in Jianwai Soho and The Place look closed—do you know if they’re remodeling or out of business for good?

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