Beijing Olympics Thought 5: Flaming Fuwa?

Eight is a lucky number in China, so for each of the 88 days until the 2008 Olympics, I will strip-mine my brain to unearth a thought related to Beijing and The Games. That’s one thought per brain cell. It’s called teamwork, people!

Thought 5 of 88

Such beverages may exist in one of our city’s watering holes, but I have yet to spot any shooters based on the five Olympics mascots, aka Fuwa. As Fuwa / Friendlies* fans know, each mascot represents an animal / object and an “element”:

Beibei – fish / sea
– panda / forest
– Olympic flame / fire
– Tibetan antelope / earth
– swallow / sky

Even better, they are decked out in the colors of the Olympic rings – blue, yellow, black, green, and red – which means there are plenty liqueur options. And given that Huanhuan represents the flame, I think an exception can be made to the “don’t mix alcohol and fire” rule for that particular shot.

Rack of Jingjings anyone?

* The original name of the mascots. This post cites a “Dr. Li” as saying it was too close to “Friendless” and “Friend lies.”  Hmmm…

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