Red-carded: Six Workers’ Stadium clubs and restaurants to close for Olympics

China Daily reports that six establishments at Workers’ Stadium, home of soccer / football matches during the Olympics, will be closed just prior to and during the Games as a security measure:

Restaurants, bars and nightclubs in one of Beijing’s main nightlife centers and celebrity hangouts are to be closed to help ensure security at an Olympic football venue, said authorities.

“About six restaurants and bars inside the Beijing Workers’ Stadium compound will be ordered to suspend operation for more than 20 days before and during the Olympic Games,” said He Zhenxing, stadium vice manager.

The venues, popular among Beijing residents, would suffer lost business, but the order was issued to guarantee security for the Games, he said.

“The stadium will not pay compensation to them, but may extend their leases or give preferential treatment after the Olympic Games,” he said.

According to the article, managers of the establishment had to receive formal notification. They were reported to be – and here is the understatement of the year – “very unhappy” with the situation.

The articles cites Mix and Outback Steakhouse, both at the stadium’s northern gate. Vics and Kro’s Nest are also at that gate.

Speaking of Workers’ Stadium, does anyone know what that boat-like structure being built on the edge of its “lake” will be used for?

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2 thoughts on “Red-carded: Six Workers’ Stadium clubs and restaurants to close for Olympics”

  1. I know some people are unhappy about this decision, but it seems to make sense to me and I think they did something similar during the Asian Cup (at least on game nights)…

  2. @ b. cheng,

    Yes, it’s not exactly shocking, since these places are at the stadium’s main gate. Given all the talk about venues renting out for the Olympics, I wonder if any of the ones involved had already leased their space.

    Cheers, Boyce

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