Catching up: Kro’s Nest, Bellagio

An Obama Slammer, a large Kro’s Nest pizza and victory is ours.
((c) Obama for America)

Some notes on places visited over the past month or two…

Kro’s Nest
Everyone talks about the huge pizzas at Kro’s Nest, but also impressive is the service. The staff is consistently efficient and good-humored, the drinks and pizza tend to arrive on time, and the bill, change and doggie bags come without delay.

Kro’s Nest is one of my default venues when I am a) hungry, b) meeting a group, c) looking for somewhere informal, and d) seeking to keep control expenses. With plenty of seating, a laid-back atmosphere, and the modestly named “medium” pizza starting at RMB 80, the place works on all counts. The Kro’s Nest Special, a hearty but not overly heavy meat and vegetable combination, has grown on me, and I can slap the other pie’s half with the Greek Mama, Philly Special, or, if with big eaters, Mighty Meat.

Also you never know who you’ll meet Kro’s Nest. One my last visit, I sat beside the Beijing for Obama fundraising group and suggested that they, a la the Alabama Slammer, come up with a shooter – the Obama Slammer or Barack Attack - and charge RMB 25 per shot as a fund-raiser. Sell 250 of these and you have a thousand bucks. For those willing to pay for a double shot, up the nomenclature to the Whamma Bamma Thank You Obama Slamma. People, I’m giving out this advice for free! (Remember me when the ambassadorships to safe and sun-soaked Caribbean countries are handed out.)

About the only downside to Kro’s, besides it destroying many a New Year’s resolution to lose weight, is the mafan hike down that dimly dirt path behind the place.

(Note: Kro’s Nest is closed during the Chinese New Year festival and on every Monday.)

Bellagio is a restaurant that maximizes its potential. The staff is not particularly friendly, the seating arrangements are nothing special, and the Taiwanese food doesn’t take me back to the island, but the place is usually hopping. The situation is no doubt helped by the place’s prominence, by business from nearby clubs, and by a good rep for late-night eats.

p3wong and I found the gongbao jiding pretty good, while the Taiwanese oyster pancake and string beans were OK. Where the place does well is desserts, particularly those shaved ice creations, if that’s your dish.

By the way, if you have not been to Hsin Yeh, the “other” Taiwanese restaurant on that same Gongti West strip, give it a try. It comes off as more formal, but the food is good value and among the most authentic Taiwanese fare I’ve found in the city.

10 thoughts on “Catching up: Kro’s Nest, Bellagio”

  1. Dear BB,

    I can heartily endorse this as a fine establishment with great service. My friend and I ordered a medium Junkyard, which had everything except smoked salmon. It’s the most expensive pizza on the menu, but considering it fed us for the next couple of days (and this is the medium remember), it was great value.

    My first visit there coincided with a party of university students who were intent on drowning themeselves in beer. It culminated in one young man having a beer glass broken over his head. But nothing was too much for the young waitresses on hand. they moved us to a table a little further away, then proceeded to clean up the mess. That was long enough for the less inebriated in the group to realise they had perhaps overstepped the mark (the victim was clearly suffering mild concussion). They quickly quietened down and more normal transmission resumed.

    One can’t always help who turns up at any time, but well trained staff with poise and a friendly attitude make all the difference.

    But yes please, let’s have a better entrance!

  2. @ 8 Songs,

    Thanks for the comment. Good service and good value food: it’s a combination that is hard to beat.

    And you’re right, when one has a beer bottle broken over one’s head, it is probably a sign that the mark has been overstepped!

    Cheers, Boyce

  3. @ M-dawg,

    Unfortunately, I have seen neither hide nor hair of the “Beijing for Hillary” group.

    That’s a tougher drink to come up with – a Rodham-pagne cocktail?

    Or a “Clinton Julep”? Actually, the last one would work better with another candidate – the Mint Guiliana

    Cheers, Boyce

  4. I am hooked with Kro’s! So far I still hold the record of the only Chinese who finished a medium. I think I am gonna go and see if I can challage the large. Still the downside that the salad is a rip off tho – 50 kuai, I will definately go for the 100 kuai pizz.

  5. @ Kevin,

    If you can finish a large, I’ll buy you a salad (to go). This would be something to blog live – a post per slice!

    Cheers, Jim

  6. Please add the new Kro’s Nest group on facebook to get updates on the Kro’s CirKus Concert Series and other events just search Kro’s Nest and add the one made by myself, your new manager of promotions for Kro’s Nest.
    Lately we’ve installed a new side door and have awesome beer garden table being made. Kro’s now also has the only permanent outdoor stage!

    don’t forget to vote for Kro’s in the 2008 that’s beijing reader awards!

  7. We’ve also just released the new Drinks, The Mr. and Mrs. Kro, made with half a pint of guinness, a double shot of whiskey (mr.) or 2/3 of a shot of bacardi rum and topped up with coke! 50rmb special till april 26!

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