Beijing Olympics: Check your smokes at the door?

A smoke-free Olympics? (Rcmathiraj)

“A Beijing official recently announced that ‘provisions to ban smoking in public places in Beijing (Draft to Be Approved)’ will go into effect in Beijing office spaces, restaurants, and hotels,” reports People’s Daily. It’s all part of a “smoke-free Beijing Olympics.”

“… restaurants and hotels will set up clearly-marked and well-ventilated indoor smoking areas or smoking rooms. At least 70% of rooms will be smoke-free,” states the article. “The government-approved prohibition of smoking in public places is expected to begin after February of this year.”

No details are given on how the ban will be enforced or what, if any, penalties will apply to offending smokers, including all those Chongnanhai-puffing expats, so perhaps we’ll see a San Francisco-like situation (see this Danwei post for more on the ban).

Somewhat related, last March, I posted about a China Daily article that stated, “Beijing is to introduce a rating system for its Western-style restaurants, bakeries, bars and cafes by the end of the year to help diners make more informed choices.” Does anyone know what become of this initiative? (See: Judgment call: How many friendlies for Fridays?)

No smoking? You must be joking. (Mocker)

(Hat tip to M-Dawg for the heads up on the People’s Daily article.)

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  1. I have seen in some restaurants (actually mostly Chinese) signboards that look as if they are done up by the local Board of Health that give restaurants grades — I’ve only seen the grade of “B” (probably because A-grade are fancy enough not to need to boast and C-grade and below are too ashamed to post their grades)

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