Beijing Boyce: A year of booze news…

Time flies faster than a bottle of free Johnnie Walker Blue empties: October marks year one of this blog and year two of my e-newsletter. Both have steadily grown in circulation and I owe thanks to all those who have taken time to read them and to give support, inside information and constructive criticism.

In the end, the blog and newsletter come down to people. I have enjoyed meeting that broad swath of Beijing’s diverse (and often eccentric) bar population. They include the following (no doubt, I’ve forgotten some people – let me know and I’ll append this list):

– Owners such as Leo (Cheers), Keiko & Roger (First Cafe), Henry Li (Rui Fui), Phil & Sally (Phil’s Pub), Stefan & Johannes (Cafe Pause), Russell & Christine (The Pavilion), Roger (TRIO), Philip (Browns), Dave (5:19), Joseph & Lee (Cafe Europa), Cho (Bed), Amy & Jon (Stone Boat), Ai Wan (China Doll), and Jennifer & Frank (John Bull Pub, Sequoia Cafe)

– Managers such as Glenn (Pavillion, Browns, Frank’s Place, Paddy O’Shea’s), Joop (China Doll, The Bank, Mingle), Chad & Luge (The Rickshaw), Phoebe (Icehouse) and Jacky (Browns, Suzie Wong), and bartenders such as George & Echo (First Cafe, Midnight, Q Bar), Austin (Midnight), Alex (Phil’s Pub) and Badr (I’ve only had his drinks once, but they were good).

– Fellow patrons such as Agent Red Wolf, M-Dawg, Eddie O, Sir Campell T, Special K, Jolly, Winopete, O-Zone, The Flash, P-Dong, p3wong, The Cellar Rat, Kraft-D, The Rock, Funky Walker and Doctor E.

– Those who have helped bring readers, including Will at Imagethief and Dan at China Law Blog for links, the guys at Chinalyst for the blog award, Mark at CRI, Mike & Paul at that’s Beijing, and Adam, Reid & Gabe at the Insider’s Guide, whoever is behind the Yan Xishan blog, as well as everyone who has passed on the newsletter or passed on the link to the blog.

Others who have helped out: Don, Trevor, Kenn, Dan, Ali, Roger, Samantha, Ro, Janalyn, Kay, ET, GL, SM, Tom, Peter, Desmond, Finella, Adhiyanto, Traci, Bjorn, Hugh, Katy, Ben, Greg, Meg… my First Cafe buddies Oliver, Stefan, Joan, Kay, Janet, Herbert, Jason, Ping, Ken & Ken… the Friday night Sequoia wine crew, especially Alain, Alan, Arnault, Paul, Gabe and Jenn… the members of the Bourbon Rye and Whisk(e)y League (sorry I haven’t organized more events)… Mark “The Prince of Pinyin” Swofford (a good friend in Taiwan crucial to getting my two blogs going)… and many, many more.

The bar industry is not an easy one. Great places disappear along with the not-so-great ones, and those who venture into it are a diverse and usually optimistic bunch – and are usually good fun, too.

Once again, thanks to all those who have supported the blog and the newsletter over the past two years. As always, eat, drink and be merry. Cheers, Boyce

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2 thoughts on “Beijing Boyce: A year of booze news…”

  1. Congratulations! I didn’t know this blog was so young; I must have been following it pretty much since the beginning then. Your reviews have been invaluable in making my weekends (and more and more frequently, weekdays) a lot of fun, and I look forward to more reviews and inside scoops in the second year of this blog!

  2. Thanks Jean-Marie,

    The whole idea is to provide the views of a bar goer to provide info for other bar goers. Glad to hear the blog has been useful.

    Cheers, Boyce

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