The Beijing Blend’r III

On those nights I am not traversing the town in my burgundy cashmere smoking jacket to attend events in support of charitable causes, I am occasionally found roughing it in places such as, say, The Rickshaw. Last Saturday eve was such an occasion. Any who spotted me no doubt noticed my table surrounded by six of the lovelier members of the fairer sex.

I would love to think that like moths to a flame they were drawn by my wit and charm, or by the shadows playing upon my face from the smog-filtered moonlight that made my profile particularly rugged. But given the scarcity of tables, perhaps the real attraction was the real estate (which included numerous chairs). Then again, it might have been the peaty Whisky I concocted earlier that night at The Dewar’s Academy of Whisky, and willingly allowed to be sampled.

I call that Whisky the Boyce Blend’r – it’s heavy on the Islay and drew praise as often as it was drawn from the flask by these connoisseurs. I believe there might be a market for it. Interested investors may inquire at (note: smoking jackets are not cheap, thus nor are my services).

The bigger message is that if you haven’t attended Dewar’s Academy, I suggest trying to hitch onto one of the groups that will take the dozens of master classes yet to be held. This is a top-notch experience, and a free and educational one at that. Here’s the poster that the company sent me:


2 thoughts on “The Beijing Blend’r III”

  1. chris,

    a good smoking jacket is that knows that line between emitting a pleasant stream of fine particulate matter for all to enjoy and being fully ablaze.

    cheers, boyce

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