Kicked out of The Saddle

Fill this under “painful landings.”

The Saddle, which spun off Cox and The Rickshaw, held a raucous closing party last Friday – the landlord wanted more rent and the economics of the business no longer made sense, went the thinking.

The party marked the final day of the popular Margarita and burrito spot. Or did it?

According to management, ever-popular manager Luga, who split time between Saddle and The Rickshaw, informed them that he negotiated with the landlord on the side and is taking over the spot. Again, according to management, Luga plans to do burritos – he has poached The Saddle cook – and signed a lease for lower rent.


Expect to hear more on this one…

3 thoughts on “Kicked out of The Saddle”

  1. OMG!!! Who’d have thought Luge can pull a stunt like that! The question is, will Rickshaw be the same without him??

  2. d,

    I haven’t heard his side of the story, but to answer the question: no, The Rickshaw won’t be the same. He was one of the few people in the spot who understood the concept of “service.”

    I like The Rickshaw. I like the wings and burritos, I like the balcony, I like the wireless, the music, and (generally) the atmosphere. I like Kris and Chad.

    But the service is chronically poor.

    Wrong orders, staff screaming up and down the stairs, forgotten cutlery and napkins… this has been and is the biggest problem. Tonight, I waited for 15 minutes for someone to notice I had arrived and had neither drink nor food – and this while someone in management sat ten feet away. But, The Rickshaw works on so many other levels, I can live with it…

    Cheers, Boyce

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