Kro’s Nest or Crow’s Nest? An interview with Olau

I enjoyed a beer with Olau Kristoffer, partner in the newest branch of pizza joint Kro’s Nest, and asked a few questions about the spot, besides Vics on Gongti North (for more, see yesterday’s post – Kro’s Nest branches out to Gongti):

Your base is in Wudaokou – why locate downtown beside Vics?

This is a great central location and we can do the most delivery here. We are also close to customers in the Chaoyang area, especially around Gongti.

What’s the philosophy behind Kro’s Nest?

Real pizza. I’ve been cooking for about 13 years and can make about 200 dishes, but the one thing I make really well is also the one thing Beijing is lacking – good pizza.

Who are your typical customers?

When I lived in Atlanta, I was at a pizza place and we had punks, golf pros, homeless – everyone – coming in. I wanted to have that same diversity in Beijing. In Wudaokou, we have Koreans, Chinese, students, working people, and so on. It was a kind of pipe dream and it actually worked out.

When you’re not at Kro’s Nest, what are favorite bars?

I don’t go out. The problem when you are in the restaurant industry is you know how cheap everything [alcohol] is, so you usually go to the supermarket and buy beer. I hang out at home.

Why did you spell it “Kro’s” instead of “Crow’s”?

Because my English name is spelled Kristoffer (with a “Kr”). Who likes W anyway? It’s just M upside down.